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The next day my husband bought a spray that said it kills bed bugs and fleas.

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Balanced scorecard service and launching the career of Moonfog Productions Bretton Woods conference. Intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read? If so, ruleta ruleta check out these 26 ideas to take you to Lego storage heaven! Mass tourism and a growing interest in food opened eyes — and, more importantly, mouths — to the wonders of a whole new culinary world centred around olive oil. Furthermore, a diet heavy on olive oil, as well as tasting delicious, offered huge health benefits.

All grist to the financial mill for the big olive oil exporters from Spain and Italy. And the biggest benefits came to those retailing bogus extra virgin olive oil, a practice more lucrative than selling cocaine.

Mueller detailed fraudulent practices, including deodorising equipment in Spanish olive mills, illegally used to remove the bad odours and flavours of inferior oils to pass them off as extra virgin. Small time operators coloured cheap soybean or canola oil with industrial chlorophyll, adding beta-carotene for flavour, and then passed it off as extra virgin oil from Puglia and Tuscany. But the fraud was not restricted to cheap hustlers; skilled chemists operating from multi-million dollar labs around Europe produced bogus extra virgin oil involving networks of corrupt customs officers, businessmen and government officials.

Though the fraud is global in scale, its epicentre appears to be in Italy. In short, it is a dead cert much of the extra virgin olive oil you have consumed did not do what it said on the label. If you want to use Italian oil, in particular, it might be advisable to stick to the stuff you have seen pressed with your very own eyes.

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And, even then, consume with liberal amounts of scepticism. You see, Mueller is a believer and, like all oil acolytes, knows the liquid to be sacred.

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And, wonderfully for the reader, Mueller starts the book at the beginning of this love affair; as he learns, so do we, scalpel-sharp prose ennervated and aerated by his infectious veneration. If olive oil is sacred, then Puglia is its Mecca. Wild olives have thrived here since the last ice age and many Pugliesi still pour a cross of olive oil on their soup, or pause at midday to drink a little cup of warmed oil. He meets those attempting to remain faithful to the old ways, often by introducing new methods; for example, there is really no longer such a thing as cold-pressed olive oil as most oil is now extracted by a centrifuge.

Olive oil is the only commercially significant vegetable oil to be extracted from a fruit rather than its seeds, meaning it can be extracted by mechanical means alone, unlike oil from seeds which involves the use of industrial solvents in large refineries.